“A show worth worshiping.”
—  William Kapfer, Edge Magazine
“Bold, campy, glam fun… If you're interested in brave, witty, new musical theatre, check out Coming.”
—  Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer
“A thought-provoking re-evaluation of traditional concepts of virtue and vice, good and evil.”
—  Debra Miller, Central Voice
“Almost guaranteed to offend fundamentalists, and entertain just about everyone else.”
—  Staks Rosch, Atheist Examiner
“A mash-up of Velvet Goldmine, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Labyrinth, The God Delusion and The Holy Bible… 
Coming: A Rock Musical of Biblical Proportions is that bitch slap that will shock you and leave its impression after you leave.”
—  Liz Black, The Huffington Post